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THE MEMORY OF WATER Author Karen White & Quincy

At the moment, the most spoiled and beloved doggie in the universe is curled up at my feet and you’re asking me if I have a pet!!

Yes, I do, and he’s an almost-two-year-old Havanese black and white cutie pie named Quincy (also known as Sir Quinkles) who has his own carseat, wardrobe and ‘doggles’ to wear when he’s in my convertible. Makes my kids nauseous but they’re teenagers so who cares??? Since we got him, he’s appeared in every book I’ve written (starting with The Memory of Water). He is the first dog I ever had and I can’t believe how attached I am to him! He sits next to me in my chair when I write and whines when I don’t give him enough room in the chair to hop up. The best part about this breed is that they’re ‘hypo-allergenic’ meaning he doesn’t shed or smell, and his coat is like silk. If I were a Cruella D’Evil, I’d say he’d make a pretty nice coat. A very small one, of course.

We also have two guinea pigs, Cappucino and Mocha (Frappucino and Latte have since moved to the parsley field in the sky).

Karen White is the author of the literary fiction novel, THE MEMORY OF WATER (NAL Accent, March ’08). You can visit her website at

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Princess is the name of the Black Labrador in Embittered Justice, she is a real character. Princess was adopted form the SPCA in Texas nearly three years ago. She actually picked me that first day I saw her. She put her little paws through the cage and barked at me…love at first sight. I asked if I could take her home but another family had already chosen her. A month later I went for another visit at the same SPCA; I saw this beautiful puppy that was about 4 months old. We got to play with her and she held up her paw like she was a little Princess because she didn’t want to get any of the wet grass on her. I decided to pick her as my new pet…after we completed the paperwork I found out this was the black lab from a month ago. Guess it was destiny.

Since the time I brought her home she has loved swimming and retrieving. She even attempts to scuba dive with me and doesn’t realize she can’t. Princess’s favorite past time is going to the beach, swimming and playing with anyone that will let her. She has this amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome. She absolutely adores my dad and insists on hugging him every hour when he comes to visit. My Dad has cancer and it seems like Princess must know he is sick and needs extra attention. Princess is also my shadow, she follows me around the house and where ever I go. She loves road trips, camping and she evens goes climbing with me.

Michaela Riley is the author of the fiction novel, Embittered Justice.  You can  visit her website at

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Welcome to Celebrity Authors & Their Pets!

Welcome to Celebrity Authors & Their Pets!  If this is your first time here, let me explain what this blog is all about.  We all have our favorite authors and we all love to learn more about them, right?  Well, behind the author persona, there’s a real live person and that real live person who sits at the computer day in and day out writing novels and all that author stuff they do everyday has a certain somebody they just adore.  I’m not talking a human somebody; I’m talking about those companions who are always there for them despite the rejections, despite the deadlines, and despite the fact that no matter how famous they get, they’ll always be there for them.  I’m talking those pets who are more than pets.  They are our children.  And…wouldn’t it be neat to find out what kind of pets our favorite authors have?

Well, this is the place you’ll find all that out. 

In the upcoming months, you will read all about the pets of celebrity authors.  If you would like to have your pet featured here, click on the “About” button above. 

Thank you for visiting and we’ll see you real soon!